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박수현 후라이드치킨 서승원 (6).JPG

 Crispy Fried Chicken


Potato Mozza_1.jpg

Corn dog



 Menu Intro

순두부 (2).jpg

Soft tofu stew

Soft tofu stew is a jjigae in Korean cuisine. The dish is made with freshly curdled soft tofu, vegetables, onion, seafood.

This menu is served with rice. If you like a little spicy taste, this is a good choice.


Fried Chicken Combo

You can enjoy every taste(original, red, honey) of the fried chicken menu, one of Coq Au Miel's signature dishes.

This menu provides Random 3 pcs of Chicken (3 Flavors tastes (Original, Red, Honey)), Rice, Salad, Vegetable dumplings(2pcs) and Soup

돼지불백 (2).jpg

Grilled pork combo

The menu is thinly sliced pork, seasoned with Korean transitional way and stir-fried. This menu is widely known for its pork bulgogi and offers two flavors (spicy and sweet soy tastes). 

If you don't like rice, you can order just meat at a more economical price..

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